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at 02:34, 19 Dec 2006
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Film student requesting an interview.
Sally, I was wondering if you're able to answer a few questions which would form a part of my film journalism portfolio for my A-Level Film Studies course at Newcastle College.

I greatly admire your work and the basis of the interview would be your stance on the contemporary notion of auteurship. Do you consider yourself to be an auteur and if so, in what ways?

I would greatly appreicate if you could help me out.


at 01:01, 24 Dec 2006
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yes and tango lesson
dear sally i have come very late to your films and so far have seen yes which i immediately saw twice and last night i watched the tango lesson on dvd ..i think you are a brilliant film maker and look forward to receiving the newsletters from you web site..although i am sure you don´t need encouragement in your work i just wanted to say thanks
cheers and wherever your christmas may be have a good one
at 06:28, 2 Jan 2007
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Film student requesting an interview.
MediaMarky, you may find the following guide on Auteur Theory useful.

If you have any questions for Sally Potter after reading the guide please feel free to post on the messageboard. This way, we can all mutually benefit from Sally Potter's responses.
at 07:19, 3 Jan 2007
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at 14:12, 10 Jan 2007
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ken loach
just been to see "the wind that shakes the barley" ..not as brilliant as "yes" ..still very much in favour of "yes" any chance of a version of "yes" extending the belfast background in "yes" to other areas of the british isles ..or simply even more on the theme of man´s inhumanity to man ?
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