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Rain on canvas

Later, over tequilas on the roof of the white airy modernist ‘Habita’ hotel where the jury is staying, I start discussing buildings with an architect, José Ramón Calvo Irurita, who was at the screening.  We talk about the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces.  I was struck at both the Casa Azul and the Trotsky house, by how their interior courtyards somehow ‘contain’ the outdoors.  You look in, in order to look out. 

I describe how I have discovered that the three most important qualities of the place I live in London are: one, the sound of rain on the roof, which is constructed of a light industrial material; (in passing I add that the sound – or music – of rain on canvas is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world; one of the reasons why I love camping); two, real flames in the wood-burning fireplace; and, three, the quality of sunlight as it floods into the room filtered through the small balcony, rampant with plants and flowers, during the late afternoon.  The properties of the building that I most value, paradoxically, are mutable, impermanent.

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SP’s balcony

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SP with architect José Ramón and friend.

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