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at 06:00, 26 Jan 2007
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The Man Who Cried...
Hello, Sally... My name is Kate and I'm from far Russia)) I'm 20 and I'm finishing the Moscow State University (4 rate, the journalism faculty). But not long ago i've understood, that i want to become an actress (may be it sounds silly...) It's really! I adore cinema from my childhood (but then i didn't realize it) and i feel something, that i can... I don't know how to explain it exactly, but may be you'll understand... I don't pretend to something noway! But i would like to have a chance so much! (may be you'll see something...) And i understand, that it's very hard, but i'm ready to difficulty... I've seen your film "The Man Who Cried" and i was in raptures! It's great!
My e-mail:,
Thank you in advance...
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