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Festival Screening

At the first public screening in Mexico City that night I am asked a question that relates to my dawn musings about the wider issues of war. It is an illusion, I answer, (to a question about the anguish of the hero who is from the Middle East ) to think that any of us can remain unaffected by the sufferings of people on the other side of the world. We are interconnected beings. There are consequences to all of our actions. There are consequences to our passivity, also. So what can we do? As a filmmaker, I work with the subtle dimensions of experience; a film cannot change physical conditions in the world, but it can work on the emotional body. It can be a mirror, a clarification, a place of contemplation or catharsis; perhaps, simply, a place to think for an hour or two, or to feel the otherwise unfeelable.

After the screening there are the now familiar encounters with those too shy to ask questions in the public sessions; the whispered confidences; the hands reaching out; the people in tears. One woman is sobbing openly; she asks me to write the word YES on her open palm. There is so much destruction, she says between sobs, it was such a relief to feel love.

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