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Myra Wexler
at 04:19, 11 Aug 2006
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Yes the film
I am totally blown away. I just finished watching this incredible film, YES on cable. I was
channel surfing and caught it by accident. What an amazing film this is. I was not familiar
with Sally Potter prior to this. Now having Goggled the film, I see that she is responsible for
Orlando, another memorable film. I am definitely now a devoted fan. Go Sally Potter...and
to Joan Allen, in my book you are a credit to the acting community, a true great - right up
there with Meryl Streep.
at 10:31, 17 Oct 2006
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It is Murphy's law that one of the few movies that has poetry and philosophy lacks ENGLISH CAPTIONS.
There is a lot of talk that is lost to the watcher because either the accent is too thick or the voice too low.

What is the problem? Cannot get some decent captions in English and Spanish? It is a very frustrating and dissapointing experience to watch a movie we cannot comprehend entirely because the producers didn't bother to get ENGLISH CAPTIONS. Do we want the poetry to be appreciated, to be heard? Or are we playing some game?

Dissapointed to say the least.

at 15:32, 17 Oct 2006
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Please note that the producers/film-makers have little or no say as to what features the distributors in each country decide to put on their DVD releases. We share your frustration about the lack of English subtitles, but are pleased to tell you that the Australian version does have complete and accurate subtitles. You should be able to purchase it on the internet. You can find further information on the DVD page of this site.
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