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at 07:39, 27 Jan 2007
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Dear Sally
Dear Sally,

My name is Alejandra Viejo Lopez De Roda and I’m a second year student in the University of Westminster. I study film and I absolutely love it! Film is my passion! My aim, by all means is to work within the film industry, in other words I want to become a filmmaker and therefore I would love to gain more experience to improve and develop my cinematic skills.

At the moment I have a module called “work placement.” The target for this module is to do work experience within a space of 2weeks between 26th March and 10th of April.

For this reason I e-mail you and ask you if there is any slight possibility of me working in your company, department for two weeks voluntarily. I'm the person you’re looking for, because you will never find some one as hard working and motivated about film as I am.

I’ve already made a couple of independent short films myself which I feel deeply proud off,worked as a director, editor, scriptwriter and photographer for all my movies. Also attended numerous premieres (e.g. Babel) and festivals getting as a result several interviews and video footage of famous stars and actors.

I don't want to disturb you, but I feel you can give me an incredible rewarding opportunity to gain experience within the film industry. I know you probably get tons of e-mails like this all the time, but I need to try, if I don't try I will never know. I would be honoured to gain experience with such an amazing director like yourself. Everywhere I apply it's all men, but I want to learn from a talented woman who has achieved so much. It would be the most rewarding experience and I would be extremely thankful for your help

Yours sincerely

Alejandra :) Ps. Please keep on making the films that you do.

sally potter
at 04:05, 1 Mar 2007
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Please post your email address and we will contact you.
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