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at 09:46, 6 Jul 2005
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Politics of (are?) Life and Death
I think that the film's incursion into the politics of life (and death) is really brave, especially Joan Allen's contestation that embryos are only cells. People reading this post who are concerned about the rights of women (and of scientists) to continue making their own decisions -- especially US citizens -- please make sure your voice is heard in the upcoming fight to protect legal abortion. Check out sites for NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and contact local officials. You have the support of the women's community here in Toronto.
There are other fights ensuing too -- the right to die, the right to marriage for all, the right to purchase contraception and get sex education. YES draws all these together in its idea of science and erotic love working hand in hand to forge a new, less prejudiced politics (Sally, thank you for your blog supporting and celebrating Mayor of San Fran, Gavin Newsom -- queer activists in North America, and elsewhere, need all the help they can get) -- so I guess this is linked to my earlier post about being prompted by this film to DO something.
OK -- someone else's turn...
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