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at 08:22, 7 Jul 2005
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My heart goes out to you - the city, the people there (can I have been there only five days ago?), those who have friends and loved ones stuck or injured or still unheard from. I think of the shot in the film of Simon riding the Tube on Christmas Eve, alone and hurt but still part of the city, still safe. My hope is that the great community that is London will say YES to courage, not fear, and not become Middle America, however terrible the wounds. YES could not be more spot-on for this moment...
at 09:15, 9 Jul 2005
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from london
Thanks for the thoughts, TorontoSoph... It's been very strange here in London - the city still feels wounded & weird, the tube doesn't quite feel safe any more, the death count keeps going up day by day... but all this only makes YES more relevant, I think.

I hope Londoners will embrace & be inspired by Sally Potter's commitment to communication, to light and to life when the film comes out here. After all, it's the city's openness & diversity that make it so endlessly rich; and one thing that's heartened me is that I've yet to hear a Londoner respond to the bombings in the language of hate & revenge.

(By contrast, GW Bush couldn't wait to claim the moment for himself. "The war on terror goes on," was all he had to offer us, that afternoon. Did anyone else find that sickeningly cynical?)
sally potter
at 10:29, 4 Aug 2005
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it is a month to the day that the first bombs exploded here...
someone said to me recently that perhaps instead of being proud of stoicism, insisting that nothing has changed, we could instead embrace the necessary changes as an opportunity and wake-up call.
certainly wherever i go i find people talking, thinking, trying to understand root causes and reasons, looking back historically , taking stock and asking uncomfortable questions.
in my own corner, of course, with YES, the discussions have been ceaseless, in interviews and Q and As with audiences. The film opens here in London tomorrow. i hope it will be useful and create a space in which people can contemplate, feel, and re-evaluate through the medium of a love story, the tensions and unbearable wounds that lie behind acts of violence.
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