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The Cleaners Revenge

Yesterday was press-junket day. I did twenty-three interviews for newspapers (mostly in small groups), three photo sessions, and nineTV interviews. In the middle of the day I did another Q&A at the end of the second screening of the film. The audience was warmer and more enthusiastic than the previous night. Virtually everyone stayed for the Q&A, and I was more relaxed, telling the story for the first time in public, of my first job (aged 16) as a cleaner, and then, in my late teens, as a skivvy in a busy restaurant kitchen while I struggled to become a filmmaker. Only in recounting the story did I realize how the research for the cleaner in YES, and for the ambiance of the kitchen scenes, had been my own direct experience of those worlds. I found myself saying: ‘Anyone who has ever cleaned someone else’s toilet secretly wants revenge’.

After the last interview I rushed through falling snow to give a seminar to a group of students studying producing, and then onto a formal festival dinner. Christopher Sheppard and I sat at the jury’s table (we were able to do this because YES was screened in the ‘Panorama’ section, not the competition). We had a long and interesting conversation with the urbane, elegant Mr. Cerruti, who (to my surprise) had seen and liked both ‘Orlando’ and ‘The Tango Lesson’. It is interesting to meet someone who has become a brand. Paul Trijbits (from the UK Film Council) regaled me with his views about what is wrong with the British Film Industry, (mainly, lack of support for British filmmakers from the television channels). I exchanged bear hugs with Michael Barker (Sony Picture Classics) who seemed on top form.

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