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at 06:11, 18 Nov 2006
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Prostitution as a way of life
If all the problems will be solved would then life be still worth living? Wouldn't it become boring?!
Living in Communist Romania as kid, me and my brother would anxiously await for Christmas because it was the only time of the year when our parents were able to get us oranges and bananas.We were very lucky,.... my parents had an insider at the store.Now i rarely buy bananas or oranges and i think this is because they are always available.Even though they taste the same , seems they lost their mystique.People abuse food in the states (obesity) because they have it,...they need to consume large amounts of it to feel the pleasure of eating and my bet is that even collectively the variations of foods ate in a meal don't compare in taste with that of a piece of bread for a hungry person.
Politics?! The Romans said that the best way to govern a people is to keep them fed , uninformed and give them games.
Well,...this is what the u.s. government is doing.The average American knows all the draft picks twenty years back to their favorite sports team and who is dating who in Hollywood but have no idea who is the president of France or where is Botswana.( as a cab driver in Chicago someone asked me once where i am from and i said Botswana.When i was asked how's the weather there?..... i replayed very cold it keeps snowing.I then,was asked : "Do you guys ever get seasons?Like warm weather?"). And this is not their fault.
There is not easy to obtain information about the outside world in America. They have 234.95 TV channels and unless someone in Pakistan or India did cheat on their second wife with the neighbor's aging dog it's not gonna get mentioned on american television.
After 9/11 one point of view i encountered quite often, was ...".Let's bomb them! Throw a nuke and it's over." It's easy to kill people you don't know anything about.They are so far away. One sweetly innocent extremist came with the idea that they should build a glass bubble over USA and then bomb the rest of the world.On second thought he added: "Maybe not Germany,...They make good cars."
Have u ever witnessed the slaughter of a pig or sheep? U probably would have second thoughts about eating their meat after seeing such a spectacle.But if someone else does it,...somewhere else ,...where we don't have to know about it then it's OK....Where's the beef?
When i came here to the land of the free i was astonished at how similar was the TV programing to that of Communist Romania.Repeatedly thrown strong shades of fake patriotism to cover the stink of everyday problems meticulously shadowed by the quality miss information.
And if you think u are alone on this world it's very easy to think you are the best.A subtle twist on the ideea of the Nazi arian race.
Everyday they have those fake orange alerts in the airports in Chicago.As a cab driver when i enter the airport i have to leave my trunk open but nobody ever checks it.In Chicago half of the cab drivers are middle eastern.If the hateful terrorists and crazy Muslims would wanna attack they could do it so easy.If u would want to paralyze a country like America u attack the transportation.Not the size of the damage would matter ,....only the fear and hysteria created.Nobody is attacking even though they have seen the effects of the new yourk attacks.Why? The CIA operative bin laden is not to be found even though satellites can photograph a box of matches on the ground.Why?
This government has realized the a people afraid are easy to rule.They will hand u all the liberties without even having to ask for them ,....if u claim to be their protector.Since ancient times governments tried to accumulate power over their subjects.
Americans don't know anything about Iraqis,..... They only know if the price of gas is going up ...and... This it's not their fault.
The green snake is too power full and well prepared to be tempered with.Humans will be humans and have the same temptations through their entire existence whether is an apple or a banana, drugs or rock and roll.
History has shown that the intelligent people can not change the world only the masses as a whole if they get hungry enough or ,....the interests of associations of rich individuals or companies.All else is a coincidence.
In medieval times times the humans tried to build the biggest and the best now that philosophy has been replaced ,'s the cheapest that you can build in order to get the highest profit.Civilization is driving fast on this one way street with seemingly no return.When going this fast there's no time to notice the trees on the side of the road.That's why the native American Indians were wiped out.There was no need for them.They were not profitable enough.
Steinhardt ( a martyr of the Communist jails wrote THE JOURNAL OF HAPPINESS) in trying to explain the extreme inventiveness of the intolerable cruelty to which the political prisoners were subjected said that no doubt at one point the torturers had a purpose in doing such inhumane acts ( making one eat feces,...feed people and then keep them in tight spaces with no restrooms,...not feed them but make them witness someonelse have a great meal..etc) but,.. when the purpose was lost because the confeesion was received, they continued with the tortures out of inertia.Many times when people do lose their purpose the action still continues for no apparent reason and sometimes even in an amplified way.
This inertia of doing the wrong thing is a power full thing to be reckoned with,... in other places of the world too.
I have talked with an Iraqi woman and she said that Iraq is worse then before the Americans went in ,....They had free medical and education, and housing were cheap.Now i guess people have a hard time being able to feed their families . Prices went up.Prostitution is abundant.Mirror image of Romania after Communism.
Freedom is important only when you don't have it.Freedom also needs education.If u get to much freedom and don't know how to manage it can hurt yourself greater then not having it.
I am not gonna apologize about the length of this.....I love everything i know about your movies and soundtracks.It's a conversation between two souls.One of them is mine.
P.S. On the tango lesson soundtrack you have a song called Doyna,.....Doina it's an old traditional Romanian category of sad songs from folklore.It used to be sung by mothers and wives , while waiting for the loved ones to come back from war, with the pain of not knowing if they were alive or dead.
Your explanation in the booklet is otherwise.
Give the Caesar what's his.

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