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at 06:55, 18 Nov 2006
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prostitution of the human mind

Carving silence with a toothpick,...
I invented music.
Few steps on this old concrete,...
And I learned to dance.
Looking through a dirty window,....
I discovered Love.

What else needs to be done?

I cut a piece of my leg and made myself shoes of human skin.
I want to walk but do not know where to begin.
Empty spaces look the same.

Is this a smile or is this laughter?
Can your teeth show in a smile or,... You have to be laughing?
What's the difference then?

Will I dance when the music's over?
Of course!

I'm sitting alone at my table .

There's laughter all around me,
But it is not true.

There's some hope around me ,
But it ain't true.

There's lots of trust around me,
But that , of course,....It's not true.

She's with him,
But that's not truly true!

The truth behind the broken curtain?!....
It's black!
It's blue!
It's mad!

The truth behind the broken curtain?!....
It's white!
It's clean!
It's sad!

The truth behind the broken curtain?!...
It's a fake!
It's a mistake!
It's red!

The truth behind the broken curtain?!....
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
But I already , You!

Crawling away in my stillness,
Weeping silently over my dead self,
Removing the stains of my soul,
........I pretend I'm happy.

I'm cheating!
I know!
I'm strong for my....mine.
I'm strong for my ....your's.

The fuel is running,
The engine is dying,
I need a spark,
But all the lights are dark.

The music is loud
And I try to be proud.
The music is good
But I'm not in the mood.
The music is here
Someone,....Bring me another beer!

**** it!
Tomorrow is gonna be another day.
........Or is it?!

I'm not gonna hide!
No more! No more! No more!

If I could,.....
I would reach inside of me
And rip my heart out
And then drown it with sand.

I would stop breathing.
If I could,....
I would try dying.
If I could.

.....But I can't 'cause I already love You.

I want to hide You inside of me
So deep,....
Nobody else would know where You'll be.

The truth behind the broken curtain?!
It's a dark crow!
It's a sweet blow!
....To the heart.

.......... But all the lights are dark.

We the people,..
We are amazing businessmen.
We manage to sell the same thing over and over again.
We sell it late every night and then, first thing we do when we awake in the morning is,.... run to the thrift store to pick it back up for free.
We cannot be sure all the time which one was ours.
There are so many of them!
That's when We pick one , randomly , off the rack and then reinsert it without a frown,

...... 'Cause used souls always fit.


Do not get dressed!
Don't close the window!
Don't even lock the door!
Don't waste time no more!

Nevermind the rain,.
Get a fast train,...
And brake this chain.

I'm waiting for You,...
You should know what to do.

So many people here but the place feels empty.

Come then,...

Come quick!

I'm dancing alone
..........and it feels so wrong.

If you were a blanket,...
I would be a tree.
If you were a tree,...
I would be a bicycle.
If you were be a bicycle,....
I would be a song.
If you were a song,...
I would be a cloud.
If you were a cloud,...
I would be a woman.
If you would be a woman,...
I would be a man.
If you would love me,...
I would love you back.



The stars were whispering in silence.


No!....I'm lying!!

The stars were not whispering,...but ,....

There was silence...........

Silence for today and ,....silence for tomorrow.

Silence for knowing and,.... silence for not knowing.

Silence for wanting and,... silence for not wanting.

Silence for thinking and,..... silence for not thinking.

Silence for dead and,....silence for the alive.

Silence for the future and,....silence for the past.

Silence for is and,....silence for is not.

Silence for could be and,.....silence for cannot be.

Silence for fear and,....silence for courage.

Silence for feeling and,....silence for not feeling.

Silence for loving and,...silence for not loving.


Silence all around,....

It was truly beautiful.

Of course it had to be a noise,....

.....The loudest fart ever invented.

I understood.

It's human nature,... but,...

I couldn't shake a feeling of loss.

Why do we have to talk?

Why couldn't it all be silence...?

Who's there?

A voice inside me?!...

....It is !....You Stupid idiot.
and it feels so wrong.
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