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at 13:58, 14 Dec 2006
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Pulsed Poetic Symbiosis
Enchantment is the primary force evoked from drifting through the symbiosis of tender rhythms created through the enjoined pulse of filmic flow and verse. Sensitive editing paces plot, mood and rhyme throughout sequences which merge in dreamlike form underlined with sympathetically nuanced score.

Yes the almost naff near ending almost trashes the spell in almost trite compliance with filmic convention and is only saved by the final closure rejecting 'no'. Unfortunately, this is perhaps little more than tokenistic - yet it tacitly provokes active contemplation on the flow of human existence and grabbing life. Never quite successfully plucking art from philosophy or politics from meaning, Yes deliciously casts an exquisite and sensually verdant spell
The editing and filming is truly sublime reminiscent of Wong Kar-Wai at his best. Sally Potter - thank you for this unforgetable gift!
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