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Singing In The Rain



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A walk in the afternoon sunshine later, is the first moment of real relaxation since arriving in Istanbul . We visit a Sufi museum, which has a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere. The wide, polished wooden floorboards of the area where the whirling dervish dancing takes place seem to subtly vibrate with energy. Sitting on a bench in the courtyard I photograph a cigarette butt next to a small piece of pink blossom on the ground, both of which suddenly look beautiful. Afterwards we sit in a café in a narrow street and eat halva. It is so delicious that I eat more and more until I start to feel sick.

That night at a reception I meet up with Jane Campion who is on the jury with Jan Chapman (her producer from The Piano), and Monty Montgomery (from Portrait of a Lady). Jane and I hug and laugh together, and talk voraciously at the meal later. I admire Monty’s sculptural haircut and his immaculate shoes (handmade, Lobbs, long laces criss-crossing his ankles and up his calves). Jane and I commiserate about jet-lag and let off steam about the tiring nature of travelling the world giving interviews! Something about which – quite rightly – we will never receive the slightest sympathy from anyone else.

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Hugging Jane

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Admiring Monty’s shoes

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