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at 16:19, 14 Apr 2007
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spaghetti eastern

Have u ever consciously watched people talking to you,.. and look at their lips move but hear their voices far away?
I think therefore i am is wrong.It should be changed to I feel therefore i am,.....even though....That will also be wrong ,.....but at least you get to acknowledge the fact that you feel something.
Most times one's soul fights boredom listening to it's own echo in patience but every-once in a while something happens that makes u feel alive and justified.
There is a language barrier even between two people speaking the same language.Language should be redefined with every two people that talk,.....just to make sure that they understood each other.That's why the term true love was invented, order to differentiate it from the term love which lost some of its power and mystique because of miss-usage.Everybody wants to be in love and sometimes they denominate common feelings with that word because of ,...fear pride or self doubt or a need to belong.
People have to earn the right to be considered for love. This is the one situation in life where theft is out of the question.There is a supreme justice in the act of loving and being loved. You need to sacrifice and suffer some in order to earn that distinction of being able to recognize the opportunity of.
What is love?.....Love needs not be explained.The tango lesson.Love is simple.It just exists.
Trust me!...I've never been in love.
Brian Young
at 23:45, 20 Apr 2007
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earning the right to be loved??
“People have to earn the right to be considered for love”

Really? What kind of love are you talking about? As you have said, the word “love” has lost a lot of precision due to over usage. We use the same word for so many things. We love our kids. We love our parents. We love ice cream, our dog, our new car. So what is love?
Many so called primitive peoples have had much richer vocabularies than ours. The Auracanian language, spoken by the natives of Tierra del Fuego, had about thirty different words for snow. Greenlandic, as spoken in Ammasalik, had many different words to describe water. Yet we have only one word for “love”, which can be many things, and is an important concept, deserving a range of words. I agree that love does not need an explanation, not any more than a rainbow or a smile.
I am not sure what kind of “love” needs to be earned, and worse yet to have to earn the right to even be considered for love. Maybe that is the kind of love we have for our car. We love it when it runs well, and trade it in when it gets old. But that is not really the kind of love we are talking about.
I think most love is spontaneous and unconditional, and almost everyone should know this. We are all either parents or children (or both), and that means that we have either given or received unconditional love. That is not a love that is earned. And nobody has to consider whether or not they should give it or receive it.
And then there is the love of passion, the drug supreme, the intoxication, the blinding light of hearts, bodies, and lips seeking. This love is a leap into the sea, and we reach out and grab it, if we are lucky enough to have it cross our path.
I know that not all love is spontaneous, but I believe that all love does eventually become unconditional (or otherwise we should use another word; affection, concern, nostalgia). There are arranged marriages, where neither partner has a say in who they marry. But love is a hardy plant, a flower that often blooms in what seemed at first to be barren soil. And that love too will grow to be an unconditional commitment of the heart.
And while it lasts, love is true, and sweet. “And while it lasts”- does that mean that love can die? We are human, and so our hearts.

We, who have the most to lose, also have the most to keep.
We have followed along our path in life, and, if we were lucky, we have had someone special to follow with us.
Early, the bright mornings, blue sky, and the heart full of hope—
How could we have known, then, that this star-crossed path could ever have an end?
Yet slowly, we learned, that dusk follows day, and that night follows dusk.
Paths come to an end, and parting, that sweet sorrow, will be the reward for
Our Heart’s long journey.
Sorrow, yes, and sweet, for we have filled each other’s coffers, stored up light against the dark, and warmth against the cold.
And our vows, that each would follow each on this terrestrial journey, as long as the body held the light.
Those vows we held, knowing that someday that firm grasp would lose, and our hands must slip from one another’s.
This is the time to hold firm the other’s light that now must live in you. Now you hold that gift, that long record of life and love shared, and you must keep that gift alive, until the final embers of your love grow cold against the war of time. This is life, the double edge, and those who have had the joy to share in sunlight, and revel in the flight of youth, now must hold tight to the memories, which are now the testament to that common thread, that path, that struggle shared, which only you can be the keeper of.
Brian Young
at 19:36, 25 May 2007
Posts: 17
Looking for my leaf
I don't have lots of time but,....

"....,if we are lucky enough to have it cross our path".....
There,.... You've answered yourself.

Love deserves only one word.If you think a person can love a car,...If that's what love is, to you,....good luck with that.

People who compromise will not be able to find love.You have to learn to love before you can love.A knife that cuts too often will not be sharp enough.Selling yourself short is selling yourself short.There are many things one needs to do before he can be able to love.Love is not for everybody.Not everyone gets to experince it.Love is sacrifice.

I don't get special enjoyment out of talking about love with a guy because i get no help from my muse.She gets very jealous.
at 19:44, 25 May 2007
Posts: 17
Found my leaf,looking for an apple computer
Watch SECOND HAND LIONS and find out if true love ever dies.
The "What everyboy needs to know before he becomes a man" speach.
Got to go.

Brian Young
at 21:39, 25 May 2007
Posts: 28
observations on an abstract theme
You have obviously failed to understand a very simple observation, and that is that the word “love” is used for everything and anything, which you yourself implied. Most of what you are attempting to say makes no sense to me, but you obviously think you have the inside scoop on what love is, and what it is all about. I think you are the one who needs good luck. I hope you find it!
Brian Young
at 18:26, 29 May 2007
Posts: 17
POPULAR DOMINATRIX...and the rest of us.
I failed to understand that one cannot love an ice cream.The word love is not used a lot it is miss used.Valley girls love everything they actually like.Amongst my mentors there were no valley girls and that's why i might seem blind to you.Go and love a brick and let me know how it worked out maybe i'll do the same.
Yes you're right,.... I have the inside scoop,.... and that makes me different from people that have the outside scoop from other people on the outside who got their scoop from someone else.
Love is a gift for those who deserve it and there's nothing lucky about it.
Thanks anyways.....Totally!
Love and Kisses
Brian Young
at 16:19, 1 Jun 2007
Posts: 28
Thanks for the X's. I am not sure what they mean either, and I prefer not to ask. That way I can imagine something very positive. My grandchildren always sign their letters with X's too, and I have never asked what they mean. I think it means they like me, but I let it go at that.
Maybe we are on the same page, but I am a word on one side, and you are a word on the other.
Thanks for the X's
at 04:51, 10 Jun 2007
Posts: 17
I lost my phone and my wallet.Twice.
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